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Total Mortgage Services Wholesale is committed to providing our broker partners with the tools and support they need to succeed. 

We deliver competitive pricing, a wide array of product choices, and flexible compensation options - all backed by an exceptional team of wholesale mortgage professionals.


                  We are made up of experienced, dedicated wholesale mortgage
professionals who understand your business and are ready to
               close your loans.

     Broker Support    

                   We believe Mortgage Brokers are essential to consumers
looking for options when choosing a mortgage.  Our personalized
                service empowers our Mortgage Broker partners to succeed.

     Pricing Leader           

                   We understand that pricing is a key factor in the decision
                process and knows that consistent, competitive pricing is a
                must in today's market.


                    We deliver the latest technology that works for you - simple,
                quick, easy and paperless.



Become an approved broker and find out why we are “One of the fastest growing companies in America.”  For more information on becoming an approved broker, please send an email including your name, company name, address and phone number to: brokerapproval@totalmortgage.com




Total Mortgage Lands on the Inc500’s
 Inc 5000 list for 3rd year in a row

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UW Turn Times - Monday, October 24, 2016


Government loans

WS New Files

Purchases: 10/20 (2 business days)

Refi’s: 10/19 on (3 business days)


WS Conditions

Purchases: 10/19 on (3 business days)

Refi’s: 10/19 on (3 business days)


Conventional Loans

WS New Files

Purchases: 10/20 on (2 business days)

Refi’s: 10/20 on (2 business days)


WS Conditions

Purchases: 10/19 on (3 business day)

Refi’s: 10/19 on (3 business day)

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